Walmart Supplier Training

Walmart Sustainable Packaging Scorecard Training

See also our online videos about the Walmart scorecard process.

Ralph Young of AICC, recently said of the packaging scorecard training lead by PKG associates,

“I came away with what I needed, a greater understanding of the front-end and back room of the scorecard.  I love the formulas.”

We were the first to train Walmart Suppliers and have taught over 15,000 Walmart Suppliers how to get it done right-

Walmart Sustainable Packaging Scorecard Training – learn how to enter data, make calculations and what your scores mean. If you are a Walmart supplier you must fill out the Scorecard for each SKU you sell. If you sell packaging or packaging materials to Walmart suppliers you can find out what the Scorecard is all about and be better able to answer questions from your customers.

Our next live webinar is scheduled for:

  • Nov. 16th at 1pm
  • Other dates can be arranged.
Individual Rate: $300 Five Person Group Rate: $1250