Lean Packaging

The idea of combining lean concepts and package optimization is new in the industry.

“Lean” strategies include smart, efficient, precise intended use of manpower anywhere within the value chain of an organization.

An example of applying the concept of “lean” to packaging optimization is cube utilization broken down into its simplest form.  Companies who send out shipments of a variety of products, have seen earnest savings when packaging the items in the most efficient streamlined possible way.  Instead of throwing items into any size container, the person filling the box, chooses the box that will fit the items while still preventing product damage during transit.  Not only is the correctly sized box or packaging important, but the way in which the product within the package is organized is of utmost importance.

With new materials being introduced all of the time, we are able to recommend the right packaging depending on the requirements for your product.  Professional recommendations like this become particularly critical when dealing with temperature sensitive product.