Supply Chain Management


We’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of clients contacting us from the Supply Chain Management industry.

Consider Packaging Optimization in terms of weight minimization and cube utilization.  This is best done by bringing in professional packaging engineers to access your current packaging design and processes.  Some of the things an engineer will look for are optimal product/package cube utilization (how well the product and the package fit together, and how efficiently the package utilizes space throughout the supply chain), optimal package material weight (IE.  Can less packaging materials provide equivalent performance?), optimal packaging processes (Are your packaging, unitizing, warehousing and transportation maximized for efficiency?).

After a full assessment and implementing the engineers recommendations, you too will see savings that will accrue throughout the entire supply chain.

These savings are often specific to warehousing and transportation.  Better cube utilization results in lesser warehouse charges per SKU.  Weight minimization results in lower transportation costs per SKU.

We often give clients options for the scope of work that we can do for them.  We can do the work in several phases.  We can work with specific contacts within the company and guide that person through the process of evaluation, recommendation, and implementation, always making ourselves available for questions throughout the entire process as well as after implementation.  We can also manage the project on-site.  Depending on the needs within your organization, we adapt so that the entire process is as seamless an implementation as possible, for people and product.