Educational Services

A significant part of what we do, is teach.


We love sharing all the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years, as well as the current trends.   We are often asked to help develop new packaging guidelines, protocol and standards because of our leadership positions within industry organizations and associations.


Walmart Scorecard Training

We were the only packaging consultancy contacted way back in the 90’s by Walmart  to partner and design a scorecard that helps

Walmart suppliers create, package and transport the products they send to Walmart in the smartest, greenest, most eco-friendly way possible.

Since then, we’ve trained more than 15,000 Walmart suppliers on how to find and input the appropriate information for the scorecards.

Please see our free online video about Walmart Supplier Scorecard Process.


Please click here to order your customized Walmart live Webinar.


Guest Speakers at Colleges & Universities

We are adjunct professors for different colleges and universities,  including our alma mater, Michigan State University, Clemson, NC State, and others.

We also help design curriculum for the packaging department at MSU.


Symposium & Conference Speakers

We are constantly being asked to speak on a variety of packaging topics all over the world.

(We try to go to the sunny venues as much as possible!)


Live Webinars

We offer customized Webinars on topics such as:

 “Packaging 101:  The Basics & Beyond”

“How Packaging Affects Every Part of the Supply Chain”

“Damn Damaged Packaging”

“Sustainability Programs:  How To Create One?”

Many more…….

Corporate Classes or Talks

We regularly instruct individuals within Fortune 500 Companies, a course called, Fundamentals of Packaging Technology. (We cater to the Packaging and Non-Packaging Professional)

We are always a hit at every party, sporting event, on the golf course, or airport, speaking to the importance of, but often neglected value of packaging.

And yes, we are in fact, available for ON SITE visits and will customize the packaging instruction based on your individual needs and audience.