Case Studies


The Packaging Knowledge Group has provided results-oriented solutions for numerous companies. These efforts include:

  • Designed and changed packaging for a major home appliance line that resulted in the reduction of several hundred tons of packaging material per year.
  • Implemented a packaging change in a multi-plant environment for durable goods that reduced material consumption, reduced the number of materials and eliminated waste at the customer location.
  • Assisted a major food company in collecting, organizing and loading packaging scorecard data for over 8000 SKU’s.
  • Incorporated post consumer recycled content (PCR) into one package design that eliminated consuming 50,000 tons per year of virgin fiber.
  • Conducted a waste composition study and identified key areas for reduction, recycling and composting.
  • Conducted packaging scorecard training for over 200 companies (including Wal-Mart suppliers as well as packaging suppliers).
  • Assisted numerous companies in collecting, organizing and loading packaging scorecard data for products ranging from light bulbs to flower arrangements and everything in between.
  • Performed a packaging line optimization study leading to over $500k annual savings in reduced product give away.
  • Developed material and whole package test methods for a variety of customers.
  • Designed, tested and validated a new packaging system for a fiber optic product being shipped to China.
  • Performed testing and suggested design improvements for a major pharmaceutical product.
  • Audited marketing collateral for accuracy of environmental claims for numerous companies.

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