CPG consumer goods company, any company that produces consumer goods (i.e. for sale through retail establishments or online).



Global Supply Chain as it pertains to a producer of goods – the entire flow of goods from point and time of extraction of raw materials, to the production of goods, to the movement of goods to the end user and finally to the ultimate disposition of goods and packaging materials.



Lean Packaging packaging that has been optimized to the minimum level needed while still maintaining functionality.
Packaging Optimization is  the complete study of all the effects and impacts of product packaging throughout the value chain (i.e. package size, package weight, product-to-package weight ratio, product-to-package cube utilization, pallet load cube efficiency, truck load cube efficiency, warehouse cube efficiency, package ease of handling, product damage prevention, retail shelf cube utilization, etc.) .
Scorecardmany consumer goods companies (CPG) and retail companies have systems that rate a supplier on the metrics that are important to the CPG in terms of attaining their sustainability goals.  These systems are generally called scorecards and may pertain to packaging, water, green house gas generation, etc.
Supplier in the sustainable packaging discussion, usually the company that provides the packaging or packaging materials to package users.
Supplier Sustainability Assessment a program specific to Walmart, but also employed by other companies whereby they assess the sustainability efforts of their suppliers by asking the suppliers to submit certain data.
Sustainability at the base level, using existing resources in a responsible way so that they last farther into the future.
Sustainability Programs strategies and commitments that a company makes to: reduce green house gas generation; reduce water usage; reduce electricity usage; reduce waste generation; reduce packaging.
Walmart Supplierany company that supplies goods or services to Walmart (these goods could be goods sold by Walmart or goods used by Walmart).
Walmart Scorecardmore correctly Walmart Sustainable Packaging Scorecard – a requirement for all Walmart suppliers whereby the suppliers enter certain data into the scorecard system and are returned an overall “score” that reflects the metrics that Walmart deems important to their sustainable packaging goals.